Precision Lead Products

Telcon - Radiation Shielding ProductsTelcon is a leading producer of precision machined lead castings and radiation shielding products. In addition to supplying components to multiple industries, Telcon has gained a specialization in components for medical diagnostic imaging equipment, such as detector housings, crystal flange housings and collimation.

Typical casting techniques involve embedding of inserts or casting into an existing pre-machined or cast component. Lead products and castings are often precision machined, painted and later integrated into an upper level assembly. All tooling and molds are designed and produced in house by our manufacturing engineering team.

For customers seeking alternatives to lead for their shielding needs, Telcon, along with our partner companies can help you develop and migrate your current lead items to environmentally safe radiation shielding components using alternative materials. This technology enables the manufacturing of lead-free alternatives for healthcare applications, as well as many other industries where the use of lead is present.

Whether sourcing small components weighing ounces, large castings weighing 1000 lbs or intricate assemblies, Telcon provides its customers with a single source solution for precision lead castings and complex radiation shielding products.

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