About Us


Telcon - HistoryTelcon was established in 1987. It was the vision of the original founders to leverage their combined 70 years of expertise in manufacturing and the machine trades as a foundation to starting their own organization.

Having come out of the robust medical capital equipment industry in Northeast Ohio, much of Telcon's early projects involved working on the ground floor, hand-in-hand with design engineers producing the internal mechanics of nuclear medicine imaging systems. Some of these early systems are still operational in medical facilities today and Telcon is still providing service replacement kits for wear items.

During the initial years, time to market was critical, and things moved fast. Producing prototype parts from rough hand sketches or phone conversations was common. The term lean manufacturing had not been coined yet, and transferring drawings quickly meant getting in the car or hours of cut and paste at the fax machine. Though we have come a long way in understanding and applying lean thinking, many of the concepts we define as lean today were just second nature back then, and in many cases made the difference between surviving or closing the doors.

In 1993, Telcon formed Dynacast, a subsidiary to focus on the manufacturing and casting of lead products used in medical diagnostic equipment. Dynacast has since been merged into its parent company, and the production of detector housings, detector covers, crystal flanges, counterweights and other miscellaneous items used in the medical industry continues.

Telcon has maintained a steady growth rate since the company's inception. The company built its current facility in 1997, and several expansions over the years have facilitated growth. Today, Telcon is a contract manufacturer that has the financial strength and stability to invest in process development, modern facilities, leading edge equipment and powerful software and systems.

The entrepreneurial spirit that was instrumental in getting the company off its feet remains today. Our team of professionals continues to be dedicated to the support and success of our customers. The focus on individual hands-on service that propelled things in the beginning has been firmly rooted and carried forward.