Case Study

Critical Assembly

Leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic imaging devices.


Select supplier for the main rotating component of a new state of the art CT Scanner and improve manufacturability of design.


  • Select supplier that could meet prototype needs and manage significant design changes throughout the product development phase.
  • Select supplier that can handle the critical, close tolerance nature of the assembly.
  • Select supplier that can work closely with design engineering staff to improve manufacturability and reduce part cost before release of final design.
  • Select supplier that offers best initial cost advantage and is also best equipped to drive costs down once product is released to market.
  • Select supplier that can meet difficult and critical deadlines.
  • Select supplier that will develop a consistent process and satisfy extensive quality control reporting and record keeping requirements.
  • Select supplier that can meet production delivery requirements once product is released to market.


  • Successful launch of new product on-time with no delay.
  • All critical deliveries met by Telcon.
  • No quality defects during production ramp up.
  • No production delays during production ramp up.
  • Total development and prototype costs significantly reduced.
  • Cost of released design significantly below quotations from other qualified sources.
  • Subsequent cost reduction targets met by Telcon due to continuous improvement initiatives.

Customer Testimonial

"As is usually the case, our new system had a difficult timeline with several engineering hurdles to overcome. Many components were in the development phase, and we knew that there would be significant modifications leading up to product launch.

One of the primary mechanical components presented significant challenges. It was a completely different design from the previous generation, and we knew it was going to be difficult to manufacture. After meeting as a team, we selected Telcon as the best source to work with our design team. They had the capabilities to get the project off the ground, and they were best equipped to handle the components in production. Their process engineers were proven to be knowledgeable and professional to work with.

Throughout the project our staff worked with Telcon to phase in critical design changes as required by the application of the new assembly. Telcon honored their commitments and managed the project very well. They made something that was indeed very difficult look easy."